Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's Alive!

I'm reviving The Misadventures of S & M for baby related news and events. I figure Michele's not using it much these days, but she might once the baby's here. We'll see, but in the meantime I'm going to be putting it to work.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break!

Okay, Spring break has been over for a week now and I'm already buried in a load of homework for what looks like it's going to be my most challenging quarter to date, but whatever.

Anyway, Spring break was planned to be a short little vacation to Portland and Ashland with my parents coinciding with my grandfather's 90th birthday party. The party was Saturday night, right at the start of vacation, so once Michele was rested up from her Friday night call shift we packed up the car and headed South. The party was the usual family craziness, much of that coming from my grandfather, who has grown more conservative by the day since my grandmother passed, don't get me started on the "North American Union" plan to join the U.S w/ Canada and Mexico and Obama's links to terrorism, but I digress.

Grandpa attempting some sort of joke here that bombed miserably, I don't remember what joke specifically, but they all bombed so it doesn't matter.

My sister and The Kid even made the trip all the way from the heartland.

I think this is the first time all the cousins(except Chris, of course) have been in the same place at once since Grandma's funeral, maybe we all made it for Lizzy's wedding though, I'm really not sure.

We made a visit to Grandma's house to get the obligatory four generations shot, then it was on to Ashland. My parents go to Ashland twice every year to take in plays at the annual Shakespeare festival. For years my mom's been bugging Michele and I to come along, insisting that we really love plays(we're really not play people) and all we need to do is attend one and we'd be hooked. Mom's big plan was to get us to go to one really great play and then we would, of our own volition, start coming to plays with them on a regular basis. So my mom looked at the calalog of plays that would be playing when we were there, read up on them all, and of the 5 or 6 options, she chose the one about rape in the Congo. Thing is, it turned out to be about RAPE IN THE CONGO. My favorite. Way to go mom.

There were some redeeming things about the trip, dad and I got in an awesome ride in the snow in the hills behind town.

It wasn't all in the snow of course.

We also ate a fucking outstanding meal at New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro, expensive but well worth it.

Back in Portland we spent a couple days hanging out with Tim and Lucy before heading back to Seattle. It was a good time all around(except for the play). Oh, and Michele's pregnant...