Monday, October 28, 2013


It's my birthday today, at least for another 25 minutes anyway. It was good, I got out of the house for a 4+ hour stretch so I could drive to the nearest theater showing Gravity in 3D. The movie was excellent, but the downtime without some looming task or home project was even better. I had a whole tangent ready to go, a little tirade about my kid and the shit I do everyday, but it's not worth it and I'm tired. I love the little screaming demon and I really hoped his third birthday (pictured above) would mark the end of the terrible twos, but no. Still going and stronger than ever. Sometime I fantasize about 40-ish hours a week daycare, but I really don't want that for him. I'm here, he can be too. I could find a job, but I don't really want him to be a latchkey kid when there's no financial reason we would have to make that happen. I have very fond memories of having a parent to come home to at the end of my school day and I want him to have the same experience. Just gotta power through for a few more years. Fuck...

...then I'll be 40.