Thursday, August 28, 2008

Moshi Moshi

What's this now? Apparently someone in my company thought that I needed a new phone. Word on the street is that this will work better with MS Exchange than my current Windows powered one does. All it really has to do to keep me happy is not crash on a regular basis and reliably receive calls on the jobsite. Not a very high bar.
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Saturday - In Photo Form

Work, ugh. At a very early hour no less.

This is what we were working on.

And this is where the cables go.

Later, Mom and I went to Carkeek while Michele took care of a pet emergency.(Jubjub's ok)

Lunch at Paseo.

Archie McFee's after lunch.

Followed by dessert at Trophy(if you think Cupcake Royale is any good, either you've never been to Trophy or you're a crackhead, one or the other).

Luau at Paul and Sean's.

Nice setting(or sitting).

More guests.

Mmmm.... Good.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Pat came to town with the kids earlier in the week and left on Wednesday right after Mom got to town. Michele's back for the weekend and Mom doesn't leave until Tuesday, so don't expect any updates until I'm all alone again.

How long does it take to just pick a fucking cupcake? Even if you choose poorly, you still have a god damn cupcake.
BTW - Dad's doing his first mountain bike race today in Flagstaff, he's downplaying it a lot but I know he's going to do well. Ride report pending here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Last Port Angeles Trip - Part 3

Started out early on Sunday by hitting the bagel shop and making the drive up to Hurricane Ridge. We originally planned on being up before the sun and watching it rise from the park, but neither of us could get going at the required hour so we departed around 7:30 or so instead.

Breakfast at 5100 feet.

Do work little friend.

Michele on the lookout for bears. No bears. Poor Michele.

Looking SW(?) towards Mt. Olympus.

Michele made it to the top with ease.

My fat ass on the other hand...

Just kidding! I was just fine as well(mostly).

This trail is just begging for a bicycle. Damn you National Park Service.

The hike was all of 3.2 miles and didn't take all that long, after lunch I took a little nap before heading back to Seattle. I decided to skip the ferries on the return and go down to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Taking the difference in toll and fuel into account the cost for the trip is just about the same as the ferry. The down side to the drive is that I can't read a book while cruising at 70 mph on the I-5.

Nobody on the bridge, a little bit of traffic on the I-5 in Tacoma but not enough to hurt me.

I really love this view of Seattle. I think it might even be my favorite.

The Last Port Angeles Trip - Part 2

Having caught an earlier ferry back stateside, Michele and I had time to visit the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center.

It's a rather surreal place with it's art installations amongst the trees.

Even though it was still light out it was pretty dark down in the trees. I needed the flash to bring out some of the pieces. I really liked this fern.

There was a lot of goofy stuff that I wasn't really into, I left those pictures out. What's the point really?

Who doesn't love a good convex mirror?

As weird as the woods were I really liked the building itself. I'm guessing it's 1970's modern home converted to art space. From the outside I was pretty impressed with what I saw.

More mirrors.

Nice view of the Straight from up there.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Last Port Angeles Trip - Part 1

Pictures now. Bed next. Captions tomorrow.

*EDIT* Captions added.

Up early and onto the MV Coho, on our way to Canada.

Just me and my lady.

A lot of seaplanes fly in and out of Victoria everyday. I really like the idea of seaplanes and the whole thing evokes a sense of romance that is missing in traveling these days. Of course I can't afford it, so much for that.

Dragon races for cancer.

Totem pole outside of the Royal BC Museum. I case you don't already know, I really love Pac-NW native art, totems especially.

Inside the museum and Michele found something she likes.

Fixie locked up in the old timey town, notice that it's locked up by the seat. Classy.

The stairs to the carillon, the bells played a short little tune every hour or so and a longer performance sometime later in the day(we missed it).

Oh yes I was.

Michele wants me to hurry up, can you sense that in the photo?

Hi ya!

During our short little jaunt out the Galloping Goose Trail we passed this shop that looks like it has some potential.

Mural on the trail.

The other side.

Ahh yes, my lovely bicycle.

Short but cool little run through the trees.

Stopped for lunch at Spinnakers, a restaurant, brewery, and hotel reminiscent of McMenamins.

From our seats we could watch our boat leave.

Beer and truffle pairings? Oh what the hell, I think I might be able to choke that down.

The day ended with a visit to the nearly closed Maritime Museum($10 for 10 minutes? No thanks.) and a little bookstore shopping. Rather than wait for a long time to catch the Coho we left earlier, picking up a seat on the Victoria Express. The V.E. is a faster, smaller, and slightly cheaper passenger only ferry covering the same route as the Coho. We were back on dry land and through customs with plenty of light left in the day, which leads us into part 2.