Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Happened

I've turned into one of those people.  I spend every waking moment with my kid.  I sing about everything I do as I do it.  All I have to talk about with other adults is what my kid is doing (or not doing).  It's as if I completely forgot how to relate to others, specifically the fact that they don't give two shits about my kid that I keep talking about.  Oh, and I find myself doing stuff like this to keep my kid from fucking with the goddamned TV:

*I know I already used this image on Google+ but reusing images is a part of the new me.

I hardly know who I am anymore.  Good to know I still don't have a filter for cursing at least...

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Things have been going good here in PA.  Michele is still working very long hours (but only four days) so Porter and I are getting to spend a lot of time together.  We've also had our fair share of visitors roll through in the past few weeks.  First it was my parents.  Mom spent the entire three days making goo-goo eyes at The Monster.

Dad and I actually got out for a ride, of course being dad that didn't stop him from working while we were out, here he is taking in the Elwha valley while fielding phone calls.

Rachel, Sully and Rach's sister Steph came out for a quick visit.  Porter spent the entire time picking on Sully.  It wouldn't be a problem if Sully was able to defend himself with anything other than a shrill banshee's scream.

Also Paul and Sean came out for the day a couple weeks ago to celebrate their purchase of a new car to replace Sean's Nissan that was totaled in an accident.

Also, unpictured, Tim and Lucy came back a week after the blue kid incident and stayed the night.  Of course they didn't actually stay in our house, rather they parked their truck in the drive and slept in the back. That Alaskan camper of theirs is pretty cool, a little big (and expensive) for my tastes but cool nonetheless.

Someday, I'm hoping we'll actually have something halfway decent in the way of guest accommodations.  The plan is to buy a house in the first couple months of next year and ideally we'd like to find something with a nice ADU or at least room to build one.  Until then, guests are always welcome but prepare to be stuck in a small room, on a hard bed, and next to the boy's room so keep the damn noise down after hours.