Sunday, August 26, 2007

Disco baby!

Michele and I got out for a nice little spin today. We headed straight West and screamed down the hill to the marina.

From there we hit Ballard Locks.

And the fish ladder.

Up a steep hill and we were at the park.

Good times.


Ahh... The center of the universe at last.

Where bike is king.

We went to the Bourne Ultimatum after the ride and then I got back to work on Tim's bike. It dawned on me just yesterday why Lucy thought blue and green would be a good combo for the bike, Mariner's colors. Blue and white with a touch of silver and green, I don't think it looks anywhere near as good as the bike formerly known as Unit but it'll have to do. I'm going to start reassembly tomorrow and I plan to make delivery next weekend when I go to pick up my next project.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hike-a-Bike 201 - Advanced Techniques

Dropped Michele at the hospital and headed South to ride another new to me trail. Skookum Flats is a pretty well known trail around here and I figured it was time to give it a try.

Smooth singletrack right out of the gate.

What's this? A little exposure you say.

Still plenty of trees to break one's fall.

Trail seems a bit faint here. I'm guessing that it used to route a bit to the right, as in right here that river resides.

Ok, so at this point I'm tossing my bike ahead of me and scrambling after it. The ground was very loose and quite steep. I was maybe a mile in and this wasn't a good sign for the rest of the ride.

Things got better, much better.

Blurry self portrait.

Not the easiest way down, but I didn't see the alternate until I was already committed.

Tunnels and such.

Meh, I've seen bigger.

This sign was supposed to be notifying me that the bridge was out, apparently the ink is more temporary.

The ride was around 12 miles, 9ish miles of singletrack, couple miles of dirt road, and one on the pavement. It was the most technical ride I've been on since we moved here and it was just what I was looking for.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Volpe's back

Tim's that is. Got it back from Powder today, I really like the color but the coverage leaves something to be desired. Once the wet paint is on it will take away from the powder defects. I'll post a picture or two once I strip the masking away. Oh, and before I forget, if you know Tim, and a few of you do, the paint job is a surprise so don't give it away.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Saturday Michele and I made a feeble attempt at camping not to far from Seattle. It didn't work out so well and I blame the Washington State Parks website(it's easier than blaming myself). We did a little hike at Wallace Falls and came home. Decently fun day and I finally tracked down some jalapeƱo cheese bread so we were still winners as far as I'm concerned.

Sunday I went out for my first real rain ride on the Volpe to assess how bad the brake situation really is. Oh baby it's bad. Seattle is hilly and nearly no brakes makes for an interesting ride. New rims are definitely happening, sooninsh.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Volpe Sr. and a giant paper airplane

Tim's Vople went to powder today. They're going to sandblast it today and try and fit it in with some parts of the same color tonight. I should be able to pick it up tomorrow after work.

Saw this on the way to drop the frame and knew I had to take a picture one the way back.

My parents have started their journey Westward today and will hit the 'nix Saturday morning. Good times. If your in town and just itching to unload a moving truck I'm sure they wouldn't turn down the help.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another TdF in the books.

I took the long way to Fremont today riding across 90th to Shilshole Bay Marina and through Ballard. Coming down the road to the marina was cool as hell, fast, rough, and twisty. If it weren't for the Volvo slowing me down near the bottom it would've been even cooler.

Got there safe and sound if only just a little late.

Late or no, beer was waiting for me.

Capt. Ballyho is now the Rev. and looking sharp too.

Very poor showing at the slow race, with the bike formerly know as Unit and someone to hold the big camera the title belt would have been mine.

Oh yeah, there was a title belt.

And it went to this guy.

The Reals.

Dig the guy on the Schwinn.

I didn't really stay all that long. I rolled out not long after The Reals set ended. I was really not feeling so hot and still had a lot to do with my day. Came home, ate lunch, went to Ikea, you know regular shit. We now have an actual bed for prospective house guests, not just an unbelievably uncomfortable futon. Come one, come all, bring more than two and someone sleeps on the aforementioned futon.