Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What am I listening to? Podcasts!!

I've recently discovered podcasts, not that I didn't know about them years ago, but I didn't care until recently. It started with driving back and forth to the Olympic Peninsula every weekend while Michele was there as a good way to pass the time while sitting in a ferry line for 2-3 hours at a time. My list at the time was pretty much limited to episodes of This American Life and Wait Wait that I'd missed. My recent increase in work hours and the addition of an iPhone has expanded my list of podcasts significantly. Here's what gets loaded up these days:

Big Ideas: Weekly lecture series from TVO - The most recent installment is a fantastic physics lecture about relativity, getting close to absolute zero, and magnets.

CUNY Lecture series: More lectures, audio can be sketchy but good topics.

Diane Rehm Friday News Roundup: I used to listen to Diane Rehm everyday back in Phoenix and once a week is really all the Diane Rehm I can handle. The Friday Roundup is perfect for getting a little fix.

KEXP Live performances: KEXP is a local radio station here in Seattle that is well known amongst hipsters the whole world over.

The Moth: Short, true stories told in front of a live audience.

NPR 7am(EST) News: Just in case I miss out on the drive to work.

Car Talk: Did I ever tell you about the time Michele was on Car Talk? No, maybe later, it's a good one.

Day to Day: Decent NPR radio show that airs at lunchtime, I don't mind getting it a day late.

Fresh Air: Sometimes good, sometimes bad. I usually still listen even if it's bad.

NPR Intelligence Squared: Debate over current topics, the one I've listened to so far was really good.

It's All Politics: NPR again, I really like Ken Rudin and the 15-20 minute once a week dose is not really enough but I'll take what I can get.

NPR Live Concerts: Holy crap this one is a good find! Radiohead, Tom Waits, Spoon, Rilo Kiley, and Andrew Bird all done. Fan-fucking-tastic, really. Coincidentally, Andrew Bird graduated from Northwestern's music program with Michele and recently did some recordings with Dianogah(as in Michele's college roommate's husband's band Dianogah).

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me: I try not to ever miss it, now I never will.

Savage Lovecast: Dan Savage is a fucking genius, it's just like the written version, only better.

Wiretap from I was looking for Jonathan Goldstein's Wiretap and came up short. This two and a half year old three parter is pretty funny though. Seriously, it sounds like my cousin Chuck, both voice and content. Too bad that's all there is.

This American Life: Best radio show out there. Period.

Well that's about it, and it's keeping me entertained during the long days. So what am I missing? Any good suggestions on what I should add to the list?

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