Thursday, January 21, 2010

Long Distance Pumping

So, long distance pumping(LDP) has become my exercise of choice lately. What is LDP you ask? I think this short little video will give you a pretty good idea:

It's no secret that road riding in Seattle drives me up the wall. If I'm going to ride pavement I want it to be mindless and flat, Seattle riding isn't either. I ride the tank cruiser to class everyday but that's where I draw the line. Also, I hate spending a bunch of time in the car to mountain bike. When we lived in the 'nix it was easy to sneak away for an hour and a half to go tear up the preserves but to ride here an hour and a half barely covers the drive time, and not even that in the afternoon when traffic gets heavier. So, if I want to get out for just an hour of quick exercise, LDP it is. Greenlake is only a half mile down the road and it's a perfect surface for just pumping away. There's this great rhythm to it and the right music makes the time just fly by.

The downside of LDP is that without good traction it's a no go, and urethane does not grip wet pavement. Thankfully, we've had a couple of perfect days this week and I'm looking forward to more on the horizon.

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