Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Happened

I've turned into one of those people.  I spend every waking moment with my kid.  I sing about everything I do as I do it.  All I have to talk about with other adults is what my kid is doing (or not doing).  It's as if I completely forgot how to relate to others, specifically the fact that they don't give two shits about my kid that I keep talking about.  Oh, and I find myself doing stuff like this to keep my kid from fucking with the goddamned TV:

*I know I already used this image on Google+ but reusing images is a part of the new me.

I hardly know who I am anymore.  Good to know I still don't have a filter for cursing at least...

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Judy Armstrong said...

Welcome to the life of a primary at-home parent. I remember wondering where I left my adult brain, my vocabulary. Being short, baby-faced and young when you guys were little, salesmen & canvassers would come to the door and ask if my mom was at home. I was so harried, I wanted to scream "I am the f***ing mom, now go away, before this kid flushes something else down the toilet".