Sunday, October 19, 2008

Walla Walla Trip Randoms

Some pictures from the trip taken from the regular camera.

Our kick ass campsite

Too bad we didn't stay there.

The trail we rode at Teanaway pretty much sucked, but it was so good to be on the bike and on the dirt I didn't much care about the trail. It was good just to be spinning wheels for a change.

Mmmm, hot dog, fire, and beer.

Somewhere around Potholes.

Palouse Falls

File this under "duh"

The Palouse is burning, shot from the top of Steptoe Butte.


JMH said...

I lived in Eastern Washington for 22 years, and only visited Palouse Falls and the Potholes a couple of times. It's a shame.

While in Walla Walla, did you visit any bike shops? Is Allegro Cyclery still in town?

Sean said...

I wash we could have spent a little more time at both places, especially Potholes. Looked like there was plenty of trail to be explored. Maybe in the spring I'll have to head back out there.

Allegro was the only shop we visited in Walla Walla, seemed like a decent place.

JMH said...

Allegro used to have these really cool, retro looking wool jerseys that I always coveted.