Saturday, January 10, 2009

Details, Details

Not much bike related happening right now here at TYOTB headquarters, but that doesn't mean that nothings been happening at all. I am still employed after all. My new jobsite in Ballard is currently on hold due to architect/permitting issues so I've been dealing with some loose ends this week.

Lets talk Yarrow Point first, after months of consideration the architect finally threw up his hands and let us(the company I work for) take point on the patio lid. This is what my boss and I came up with:

I spent 3 days this week putting this together. It's built from 1x2 prefinished cedar furred down 2¼". The lights are regular 4" cans w/ 7x8½" boxes built from 1x4 creating a really nice recessed light with a ½" reveal around the box. This is a detail I really love.

Yesterday I was working at another super's site up on Capital Hill and I was put on a similar cedar lid but I couldn't hate this one more. In theory I think it's fantastic but in application I don't think it works all that well. It's built from 1x4 T&G cedar planed smooth(poorly), flat side out, with a mitered return that tucks in behind the facia. The big problem is the mitered return that will not stay tight over the long term. The facia will not protect the bottom of the return from rain. The cedar will swell and the miter will pull apart. The detail also calls for no gaps between the boards, it's entirely possible that the boards will swell and screwup the end miters. This is a detail I really hate.

Ok, enough of that. How about some of the other happenings on the site. This is the West wall of the kitchen, I like the look of it, but on the whole I think there's just a bit too much happening in a not quite large enough space.

The other side.

I spent a week of illness induced fog building this fireplace structure back in November.

By the end of the day yesterday the whole thing was wrapped in quartzite like you see here. If you need stone work done in the Seattle area, these guys are the best. They don't come cheap but I don't think I've ever seen higher quality work.

Petrified wood sinks in the master bath. Not my style, at all, and it'll be a cold day in hell before it could ever be within any kind of budget I'm putting together.

Great view of the mountains past the lake from the tub.

Last picture, this is taken from in the bedroom looking toward the bath and hallway. I included this one just because of the door. Look close, do you see it? It weighs around 400 pounds and closes light as a feather. Very cool detail.


JMH said...

Not only do you still have a job, but from what I can tell, you have a pretty effing cool job. Nice work.

Sean said...

Thanks. I really enjoy the work that we do. It's almost always high end modern and we work with some pretty innovative architects. Things are starting to slow down a little but I've still got work lined up at least into the start of summer and that's the most important thing.