Thursday, January 1, 2009

TYOTB - Year in Review

Wow, another year gone. I've been thinking about my biking year for the last week or so and I gotta say, on the whole it kinda sucked. What really killed it was the summer, prime biking time here in Washington. I spent the vast majority of my summer either visiting Michele on the peninsula or working very long hours finishing my Yarrow Point project.

On the up side I did get in a couple good rides with dad. Once here at the Urban Assault ride and just a few weeks ago at Black Canyon Trail. I also got to do a little exploration at Dash Point, Ft. Ebey, and out on the peninsula. Did a little riding on the other side of the state, both in Spokane and Walla Walla and we made a rip down to Bend backing the spring.

What I didn't get to, and the big disappointment is no St. Helens, no MRT end to end, no Orcas Island, and no North Umpqua. Now we start year three of TYOTB, it's gonna be better, it better be.

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