Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Sure Love to Eat

It's not very often that I'm surprised by a meal. Normally I know exactly what I'm in for before I eat out. Michele spends a lot of time reading about restaurants and all but refuses to eat at places she has yet to read a review of.

So anyway, we went to Mr. Villa for lunch toady. It's a small Mexican place off of 80th and Lake City Way, not far from Hudson. Michele gave me a synopsis of the review yesterday and the reviewer really liked it. However, I really don't put a lot of faith in the reviews of Mexican food I've seen in this town. The much revered Godito's in Greenwood is bland city with giant portions, I still can't understand for the life of me why people go apeshit over that place. The much loved Greenlake Tacos Guaymas tastes like regurgitated blender food and people still flock there for some crazy reason. Our favorite Mexican food so far has been El Chupacaba up on Phinney, the foods okay, but it's the atmosphere that really makes the place worthwhile. As far as I'm concerned nothing here really holds a candle to what we were enjoying in the 'nix, until today.

Mr. Villa knocked me on my ass, I got a couple tacos and a tamale. The tamale was as good if not better then the truly homemade ones I was served at my New Mexico Christmas oh so many years ago. The asada taco was great but the chicken taco is what really blew me away, I caan honestly say I've never had a taco that quite compares. As a matter of fact I'm kind of wondering why I'm sitting here writing about it, it's not far away and I've certainly got room for at least one more...

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