Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Those that know me well know that I rarely drink to excess. Rarely. Two beers, done. Glass and a half of good wine, done. That's not really the way things went down at Seabrook, and it all started with this:

An award winning, Washington made vodka. And that's all the time I'm going to spend writing about alcohol and it's effects.

About Seabrook, it's a planned beach community on the Washington coast meant to emulate what you'd find in the Northeast. Overly cutesy beach cottages all lined up, each with it's own pair of Firmstrong(WTF?) beach cruiser bikes. Rents are cheap but real estate ain't, doesn't matter anyway since the trip was a treat from Paul and Sean celebrating Paul quitting his job.

We walked to the beach and taunted a tsunami, played games, ate cracktastic food, did some hot tubbing, drank a little, and that's all I claim to remember.

On the way home, Michele and I convinced Paul and Sean to come with us up to the Quinault Lodge for lunch, where I managed to get a picture of Sean, which isn't easy.

Just a totem rain gauge.

On the way out from the lodge we saw these otters at play. I wonder if Paul and Sean saw them...

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