Thursday, December 9, 2010


I love charts, all things nerdy really.  My diet seems to be holding, longer than any past diet at this point, and I credit that to technology, nerdlynes, and charts.

This is the trajectory my weight has taken over the last month, actual weight removed to save myself the embarrassment, but I expect that someday early next year Wii Sean will be able to drop "morbidly" from his subscript.


Sean said...

I accidentally obliterated dad's comment while trying to approve it, it read - "The way I read the charts, you've lost about 50% of your weight but your BMI has remained steady. Translation, you have also lost half your height."

Sorry dad, that'll teach me to try and work from my phone with my left hand while carrying the boy.

Old Fat and Slow said...

I gotta believe that Monday's XKCD was drawn in honor of your diet trajectory.

Sean said...

Let us just hope it continues that way.