Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So, over the years that I've had this blog going(and the other blog) I've been reasonably careful to protect my identity.  Last names, addresses, places of employment, and the like all carefully left out.  Not that I'm really concerned and I assume that by now most everyone that reads this blog knows exactly who I am in real life and none of the above is much of a secret anyway.  I've should also say that I self censor a fair amount(I know that's hard to believe) to avoid upsetting the delicate sensibilities of my family, friends, or work related connections.  With all that in mind, I fucked up.  One little slip on the other blog(since fixed) led a potential employer of my wife right there.  About once a month I take a glace at the Google Analytics data produced by the two sites just out of curiosity and I noticed hits at the other blog from one of the places Michele had recently contacted about a job.  I checked search criteria and sure enough, her full name coupled with her professional title entered into a specific search engine(there's people out there not using Google?) takes you right to the other blog.

At any rate, I'm not really concerned about it.  I find everything Michele has written there to be quite lovely, and since they didn't follow any linking to this site, they don't yet know about the more embarrassing part of the little life we've got carved out.  Me.

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brandon said...

Porter's poops must be pretty bad...or is the mask because of your doing?