Thursday, March 24, 2011

Heavy Things

First of all, the monster is up to 19 pounds.  That's heavier than an expensive bicycle (and more expensive).  Pretty soon he's going to be too heavy to weigh with my parts scale and we'll have to find a warehouse with a freight scale or something.  How do people normally weigh their kids?  Maybe the dump, you can only weigh things in 20 lb increments but that seems about right.

On to more important things, Eddie (of Star and Eddie) and Gavin (as in Star and Eddie's burden) came to town for a few days earlier this week.  Star's stationed at Yakota outside of Tokyo and sent the boys packing not long after environmental hazards became a possible threat.  Eddie and Gavin are staying with Star's dad and stepmother outside of Centralia until either they get the all clear to return or Star gets transferred back to the states.  By the way, as of right now it sounds like a transfer to Lewis/McChord is in the works but it's the military, so who knows what'll really end up happening.  Anyway, the monster and the burden mostly seemed to tolerate one another aside from a little tussle over the owls with the little balls in it.  At any rate, I'm guessing we'll see a bit more of Eddie, Gavin, and maybe Star in the future and that'll be nice even though these are less than ideal circumstances.

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Joeflagstaff said...

I've been thinking of those kids (and their kid)... Glad to hear that the process to bring them all home has begun.