Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Updates, Happenings, Whatever...

Eddie and The Burden (notice how we're capitalizing now) came back for another quicky three day visit on Sunday and left late this afternoon. Always good to see him and that kid. We're all missing Star and pulling for her to get a transfer to Lewis/McChord after her training in Austin even if it would only be temporary until the nuclear threat subsides.

The Burden and The Monster in the back of the E not living up to their names...

I've been adding it all up and during Eddie's visits we've had Pagliacci's, Paseo, Baguette Box, Salumi, Marination Mobile, as well as multiple visits to both Mighty O and Mr. Gyros. We're going to miss them but my diet sure won't.

Me and The Monster outside Salumi earlier today. Always worth the wait.

Speaking of my diet, since we won't be here next weekend due to Michele's interview in Portland I had my final weigh-in for Ballard's Biggest Loser on Sunday morning. I'm down an even 17 lbs which is great but unless the three people ahead of me really fuck up I'm not going to win. By the way, tomorrow I'll be making some cookies in an effort to help some people fuck up.

On a housekeeping note, nearly half of the blog roll was either broken links or no longer updated on a semi regular basis. So that's kind of fixed now, there are still some problems, but for the most part it reflects what I'm reading regularly that is related to either bikes or friends.

*credit where credit's due, both photos stolen from Eddie's camera

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