Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Back in Seattle

We got back from Oregon yesterday afternoon, here's the quick recap.


Straight to Pat's place to see the boy still a little fucked up and high on morphine, but on the road to recovery. He's done for the season, and that's probably for the best. Maybe next year he'll think twice before playing injured. After a short visit we headed over to Tim and Lucy's to deliver Volpe Sr. I knew Tim would like it but I was genuinely surprised by how much. Another short visit and we were off to the Hotel. Two nights at the Grand Lodge hanging out with my parents.


After breakfast we all loaded up and headed to the coast to visit my grandfather. After a brief introduction to his new diggs we went to the Pirate's Cove for a proper seafood lunch. Oh seafood, how I've missed you. Later back at the pad, grandpa drug Tux, AKA Tuxy the cat out for a bit of show and tell. On the way back we drove right by the Tillamook cheese factory in favor of the Blue Heron and it's petting zoo, Michele loved it, of course. Once back at the hotel there was a bit of frisbee golf before hitting the theater for Knocked Up. BTW, the movie ranks right up there as a must see, I can't remember the last time I cried at a movie.


Michele and I drove back to Tim and Lucy's in the morning so we could all go out to breakfast at Bob's Red Mill. After breakfast my parent's came by to get our hosts and wisk them away to Ashland for the week while we stayed behind to freeload at their pad. REI and Powell's were our big stops for the day followed by Lebanese food. After dinner we took a walk at Mt. Tabor before making one more visit to the injured Fro Boy. While at Pat's place we fired up the Wii for a little jumping around like idiots fun. Michele was all about it and ready to go buy one that night until the $250 price tag was revealed.


We got a really late start on our day and after a breakfast wild goose chase we ended up at fucking Ikea. Well, at least it was tax free Ikea.

I'll throw some pictures up later for your viewing pleasure.

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