Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nothing to report,

Except that it looks like I'll be getting an El Mariachi in a couple weeks. I've been in talking to the bike shop almost daily and we've worked out a pretty good deal. Salsa is supposed to start shipping the bikes soon and hopefully it'll reach Arizona before I do. If it doesn't, Tim's still ready to loan me his Niner S.I.R. 9. I'll have something to ride either way, but I'd prefer it to be my bike.

Changing gears now(it's funny because I'm getting a geared bike!), I thought I'd throw up a few pictures of the job that I'm just about done with. I got the job handed to me about 3/4 complete and really enjoyed finishing it up. It's the first project I've had in a long time that allowed for a decent amount of creativity. Of course, it helps to have really cool homeowners too.

On another work related note, I got my business cards today. The box is literally a foot and a half long, I take it as a sign that they like me and plan on keeping me around for a while.


David in Edmonton said...

Dude, did I miss something? I didn't even know you were looking for a new mountain bike. Do you see it and just have to have it? If so two thumbs way up from me, I wish I could purchase stuff like that for myself guilt free.

Sean said...

Oct. 11 post is the first mention, but I've been mulling the idea over for a while. The Volpe wasn't really versatile enough for me, as in I was to ride to local trail and then ride said trail. The bike formerly known as Unit will still be my main off road steed, but I'm hoping that the Salsa will do everything else.

Jerome said...

Hey Sean, Sweet about the new bike. BTW, do you do contract work? An architect? That house looks great. Cheers.

Sean said...

I'm a superintendent for a small certified green remodel contractor. We do a lot of really high end modern stuff mostly within the Seattle area.