Thursday, October 11, 2007

Miscellaneous ramblings

Holy shit I just had a long day. Of course it was a drop in the bucket compared to Michele's, she left at the same time I did and won't get back until around one tomorrow afternoon. Whatever.

It just occurred to me yesterday that I'm going to be in the 'nix the same weekend as the PEE. Yeah, I'm not doing it. I don't ride near enough these days not too mention that the purpose of the weekend is to ride with my pop. Something tells me that he's not going to be down with near 90 miles of Yuri imagined craziness even if I was.

Michele will flip out when she reads this next bit, but I'm thinking about another bike. Not so much an additional bike as a replacement. I don't dislike the Volpe, quite the opposite really, I love it. It just doesn't seem to be what I need. When I bought the bike I had commuter dreams that never really panned out. Realistically, given my skill set, it was never going to happen but I had kinda hoped. Right, so anyway, I'm thinking for what I could get for the Volpe, plus the needed hoops and bars to make it right I could get a decent rigid 1x9 29er. You know the deal, more upright, more off road worthy, able to run some serious skinnies when needed, and discs for much better braking. This change really isn't going to happen of course, it's just kind of knocking around upstairs.

On a different note, I'm thinking about getting over to Spokompton for some Riverside action either this weekend or next. I know I'm a very different rider from the one I was the last time I rode there over four years ago. Michele doesn't think the trails will stand the test of time, but I disagree. It's where I started mountain biking over 15 years ago and and has tons of decent intermediate trail. Nothing that compares to the 'nix technically but enough flow to keep things fun, or at least that's how I remember it. We'll see, I just gotta convince Michele.


Gordo said...

I started mountainbiking in Spokane too!
awesome place.

suling said...

...get the 1x9 29er! ;-)


suling said...

Actually, Scott Anthony just did a few weeks back. Salsa El Mariachi I believe...and I think Chongoman did too come to think of it. He LOVES that thing!

JMH said...

If I was still living in the NW, I would take the Volpe off your hands. Been looking for a lightly used one (or a San Jose) for some time now. Great bike indeed.

Sean said...

El M. is kinda what I'm thinking although I'm a little scared of the fatboy/EBB combo. Really though, I think the stable's going to remain unchanged for a while.

Old Fat & Slow said...

You're right, Sean. Your Pops isn't really up for a 90 mile masochistic experience. A couple of 20 mile self-destructive outings will be good enough for me.