Friday, November 16, 2007

Hurry up and wait

So my flight's been delayed. Here I am sitting at the airport pondering today's dumbest decision. Never again will I take a bus that goes right by a high school immediately after school gets out. Holly fucking hell, I cannot believe how many of those little loud, gangly, pubescent, shits crammed onto the bus. They were everywhere, yelling and screaming, causing a general ruckus. There's no way in hell I was ever that obnoxious. Ok, so maybe I was, but when in the fuck did I get old? I'm old enough to pay for a taxi, that's for god damn sure.

Speaking of money, I had my three month review at work today, a full five months after starting. It went quite well, nothing but positive feedback and a 9% pay raise effective immediately. Now I feel a little better about the new bike purchase. Who am I kidding? I never felt bad about it, but perhaps the person with whom I've joined forces will feel better about it.

If my flight gets delayed more, and I'm still crazy bored I've got some other things bouncing around that I'd like to get down, but we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

hey bro you got old shortly after I did but I am not sure exactly when that was for me so i gotz no clue when it all went south for you. Shit you should feel young anyway great job rockstar wife and new bike shit if only we all had it so good.