Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Update

Friday was Michele's birthday and conveniently enough she got off around noon and hit the bar early with a few off her co-interns. Later we did dinner up on Phinney with Rachel and Casey. Back at the house for more fun and cake plus a little Wii.

Saturday we went to Carkeek Park to watch the salmon run. Michele's never witnessed this particular part of the circle of life and was chalk full of questions, questions that I did my best to bullshit my way out of. When she got tired of my answers she turned to Quinn the talkative random five year old who somehow knew it all.

Today we went and did around six miles or so around St. Edward/Finn Hill. It was good to turn pedals with my wife, it's been a while. No more words, just pictures.

'08 El Mariachis show up at Salsa tomorrow and ship to dealers later in the week. The new bike should hit Rage before I land in the 'nix. Woohoo!

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Dave said...

Fall there looks a bit different than here. Even so, I still had some leaf-covered-trail induced grief this weekend.

Cheers to fall!