Sunday, November 9, 2008

All Together Now

The new Cowan built up and ready to ride. Not as straight forward as I had hoped but I still got there. The steerer on my Vanilla was just to short to work on this bike with the King headset from TBFKaU and the +4 race it had on it. It also wasn't going to work with the FSA Pig that came on the bike for the same reason(also missing the crown race so a no go either way). So I went with swapping over the CB DH Directset from the El M. and putting the King there. Still a hair shy but good enough for the kind of work I do. Everything else worked out fine and I'm all ready to go.

Everything seems in good order riding up and down the street. It's amazing how different the bike feels from TBFKaU, just up and down the street. Side by side the two frames look pretty similar(yes I held them up side by side) but man does the Cowan feel quick for a heavy bike. It's at least two pounds heavier than it's donor and I imagine a few more if I added gears and some hucker parts. That would easily make it the heaviest bike in the garage.

The true test will be tomorrow, I'm going to load up in the morning and hit Colonnade after work. Conveniently enough I'm working not far from there at the moment. My prediction is that I'll be on dirt less than three minutes after leaving the jobsite.

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