Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two Days, Same Project

Yesterday, I was standing out on the roof of may new project and chatting with a coworker. He was sitting in his job office, looking out across Lake Washington at the Cascades, and I was standing 100ft above the marina looking out at the sound and the Olympics beyond. He commented about how lucky we both are, not only to be still employed at our construction jobs at the worst possible time to find oneself in the construction business, but also that we get to sit at our respective desks and enjoy the views that we do. I agreed whole heartedly.

Today, I realize that my cohort is one up on me. It was raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock(thanks for that one dad) and the wind was coming up off the sound with a vengeance. I'm still 4 weeks out on windows and who knows when I'll have some semblance of heat. Not so bad when I'm actually working, but try sitting in front of a computer for two hours in 45 degree weather with the wind coming at you and then see how many finger and toes you can still feel. Hey, at least I'm employed!

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