Saturday, December 30, 2006


I went out to the White Tanks today with a decent sized group and got mine handed to me. 32x18 was a bit tall for the 6.5 miles of continuous climbing, at least it was a bit tall for my fat ass. I was pretty well tanked by the time we headed back down and I paid the price with less than a mile to go. While I was looking downhill past the switchback to find the group, I nailed a fairly tall rock waterbar and took a trip over the bars. I went down pretty hard on my right arm right in front of a couple of hikers. I've now got a nice 4" diameter by 1/2" welt right below my elbow and some pretty good pain every time I flex that muscle. I was concerned about the possibility of a break not long after but I had three of my pre-docs check it out and it looks like I'm going to live. I had plans to do a nice long kick off ride on Monday to start up my resolution, I hope that still happens at this point, but we'll just have to see how I feel.

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Michele said...

Love, I'm sorry about your fall. I am glad I wasn't there to witness it (for lots of reasons...) I know you are going to ride like a mad man this year. Whether the riding officially begins on 1/1/07 is a non-issue. Besides, you rode around the parking lot today! That has to count for something!... Take some advil and don't push it.