Friday, December 15, 2006

The Machine

I only have one bike, and here it is in all it's glory. Well not so much anymore, but this is how it looked the day after it showed up at my house two and a half years ago.

I've got a philosophy when it comes to bike purchases, get the bike that has the best frame you're going to find for the money you have and upgrade components later. The bike came with pretty basic components. The first thing I did before I even rode the bike was swap the brakeset in favor of Avid BB7s and Avid Speeddial Mag levers. In the last thirty months everything else has gone too except for the seatpost and crankset. Some parts were ditched in favor of comfort, others because of breakage, and a couple for that little touch of bling.

The important part is the frame, and after two and a half years it's still going strong. The bike is a 16" frame and even though it looks a little small the top tube is the perfect length for me. This is the first bike I've ever had that didn't have me so stretched out that I would end every ride with back pain, and not just the epics.

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