Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Rides

The vast majority of my riding in the past year has been on the trails in the Phoenix Mountains Preserves of North Phoenix. The main trail that people think of in the Preserves is Trail 100 that runs from 7th Ave to Tatum and is approx 11 miles long. I usually try to stay off of T-100 and ride the numerous off shoots in the Eastern part of the Preserves. The majority trails are not terribly difficult and doesn't have much in the way of climbs over 1/2 mile long. It is however pretty easy to find some technical riding if you know where to look and that makes the system fairly diverse. I usually start from the Dreamy Draw parking lot and head East from there unless I'm with Michele, then we usually start from 32nd street.

I've also made a few trips out of town last summer to escape the heat. I went to Flagstaff a number of times, plus a couple visits to Prescott and one to Sedona. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of Phoenix the city but I really like the fact that this place offers such a nice variety of trail within a couple of hours from home, not to mention all of the trails right in town.

Lately I've been branching out quite a bit and in the last month I've ridden a number of new to me trails, including Black Canyon Trail, Casa Grande, Hawes, and Fantasy Island down in Tucson. I really enjoy logging new trails. There's something about not really knowing where your headed and the mystery terrain that lies around each corner that makes a ride just that much more exciting.

In the next six months before we leave(not certain yet about the leaving) I really want to hit up as much more new trail as I can because who knows where I'll be and when I'll make it back.

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