Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tour de Fat is coming! Tour de Fat is coming!

Tour de Fat is this Saturday here in Seattle and as of two minutes ago I'm more excited than ever. This will be my 5th TdF in 4 cities and the 4th time I'll get to see The Reals. The Reals is one of my absolute favorite bands. They'll also be at TdF in Portland and Austin so check them out if you get the chance. I'm going to be riding the Volpe down to the festivities so I don't think I'm going to stand a chance at taking home a second slow race title but that's ok. What I will be doing is taking the big camera to capture all of the action and maybe I'll even drink some beers.

Dad - TdF will be near you twice, Flagstaff is huge beyond belief, 187 kegs last year. Tempe is a little more subdued, larger park and half the crowd.

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Old Fat & Slow said...

Looks like we'll be in Ashland during the Flagstaff one, but I'll be back in Phoenix for the Tempe one.