Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another TdF in the books.

I took the long way to Fremont today riding across 90th to Shilshole Bay Marina and through Ballard. Coming down the road to the marina was cool as hell, fast, rough, and twisty. If it weren't for the Volvo slowing me down near the bottom it would've been even cooler.

Got there safe and sound if only just a little late.

Late or no, beer was waiting for me.

Capt. Ballyho is now the Rev. and looking sharp too.

Very poor showing at the slow race, with the bike formerly know as Unit and someone to hold the big camera the title belt would have been mine.

Oh yeah, there was a title belt.

And it went to this guy.

The Reals.

Dig the guy on the Schwinn.

I didn't really stay all that long. I rolled out not long after The Reals set ended. I was really not feeling so hot and still had a lot to do with my day. Came home, ate lunch, went to Ikea, you know regular shit. We now have an actual bed for prospective house guests, not just an unbelievably uncomfortable futon. Come one, come all, bring more than two and someone sleeps on the aforementioned futon.

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