Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fro Boy skills clinic

Michele and I have lived here for a good two and a half months and it only today the I've finally hit the closest thing to home resembling mountain bike trails. Oh yeah, the boy was there too. It's called Hamlin Park and it's about 4.5 miles or so from home straight up the 5. There's not a whole lot of trail out there but it's a decent place to start learning some technical skills.

We left the Fro Boy's bike(my old '97 Kona Lava Dome) in Portland and instead I put him on Michele's Jamis. This was his first time actually mountain biking and he took to it quite quickly. I was really impressed by the way he was rolling this 7" log after only one failed attempt.

My trademark looking back on the bike shot looks a little a little funnier than usual today.

Fro Boy was really having fun in the places where he could scream down into the little ravines and roll up the other side. The first one he did had a little step on the way down and tough little turn on the way out. I had the camera at the ready but forgot to shoot when I saw that he wasn't on the brakes at all, the only thing I was thinking about was how my brother would feel about me breaking his kids arm at the start of football season. Break the kids arm in late spring and he(my brother) wouldn't care in the least, but take away the kid's football season and I'm in big trouble. I'm not sure how he escaped injury but believe me when I say that I though a little more about the line I put him on the rest of the ride.

I'm absolutely certain that this is the result of some 13 year old hooligan getting his first can of spray paint. I mean really, what kind of insult is "eat my fuck" anyway? This speaks volumes about the current state of our educational system. We should really consider showing kids this in, oh I don't know, sixth grade.

We spent a couple hours out on the trail and I'd say we didn't cover more then 3 or 4 miles what with all the staying in one spot and sessioning that we were doing.

Bye bye now!


JMH said...

I believe the "EMF" graffiti is a reference to a late '80's punk album by someone whose name escapes me at the moment, GG something. He was "famous" for defecating/pissing onstage and cutting himself up. He died of a heroin OD in the early '90's (shocker).

Sean said...

You are correct. I guess next time I call out kids with spray paint I should consult with the Urban Dictionary. I feel so old and out of touch now.