Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finally, a post work ride!

I've been working up in North Bend lately and commuting with another employee to get up there. I had a production meeting this morning in town which meant that we would be driving separately to get up there, so I loaded the singlespeed up before setting out for the meeting. Snoqualmie Middle Fork trailhead is not very far from the jobsite but today is a even numbered day so that's out. Tolt-MacDonald is kind of on the way back and I've been wanting to check it out for quite sometime. Trail-wise it was a good choice, however there was a downside, more on that later.

Anyone getting tired of "bike on bridge" shots?
After the bridge the trail climbs some 600 feet in just under a mile and once up top the trails explode in all directions. Trails everywhere, crazy twisty little wild spooky trails. Perfect place for for a Halloween ride me thinks.

Within five minutes I was completely lost(yet unconcerned).

This is my favorite.

Oh yeah, the downside. Driving home I caught major Evil Empire traffic and it took me well over an hour to cover the 25 miles to home. Guess I should have ridden longer.

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