Sunday, September 9, 2007

Long week with no rides.

I spent the majority of the last week in working North Bend and then capping each day with a couple of hours in the office. Yesterday I did some laundry and a little shopping while Michele was at work but still no ride. After I got her home I was thinking to myself about how long my week had been while she entered her days hours online. I'm a dumb ass and I've got no room to bitch, Michele laid down 94 hours last week. That's right 94 motherfucking hours of her life in a hospital in a short 7 day span. Of course residents are limited to 80 hours a week on duty, but that's a one month average and her two days off this week will help bring her numbers down.

Yesterday we celebrated the end of her week with a visit to the unknown. A new restaurant and now one of my favorites, Pies and Pints, mmm..., savory pies. Anyway after that a quick visit to the waterfront and a phone call to John and Eithne, low and behold, they answered for a change and seem to be doing well.

At any rate I'm off to grab my bike and go get a paper.

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