Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yesterday's failure and successes.

So I didn't get Tim's bike ready in time for the drive to Portland yesterday, so try as I might to limit my garage to one project at a time I failed miserably.

This is the new project, I think it'll take up just a bit more garage space than the bike.

The boat was built by my father 25 years ago from plans drawn by my grandfather some years prior to that. It's the second or third of four or five boats built from the plans(I'm sure mi padre will jump in with the correct order and count). About ten years ago dad passed the boat on to my brother, I feel pretty comfortable saying that it was more about the gesture than the boat itself. Pat called me a couple weeks ago sounding quite concerned and asked if I would be willing to bring it up to work on it. His major concern was that the boat would not survive the drive up, mine was more for the trailer. It's a homemade trailer that must be at least twice as old as the boat and looks made up completely out of rust. Lucky for me both the boat and the trailer faired quite well during the journey. I'm guessing that this project will take just as much time, if not more, than the last boat to take residence in my garage.

Also following me back from the Rose City was this young lad.

My 14 year old nephew will spend the weekend in Seattle enjoying the kind of outdoor things that I like to do and helping me set up the boat/garage situation. What can I say about the kid, other than that with his current hairdo and not-a-stache he looks like some sort of late 70's disco sex symbol/porn star. Gotta love the crazy curly white boy fro.

Seattle picture just for the hell of it.

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Old Fat & Slow said...

Since Sean said I'd pop in, here I am. Tom Thumb was the second of 5 or 6. It took nine months to build, then six guys and a half case of beer to remove it from the basement. It emerged from the basement about 2 months before Sarah was born.