Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Job

Sharing some work photos. The house is insane, four plus remodels in the last fifty years 2x the footprint and 3x square footage of the original house(including the entire basement converted from a crawler at some point). Not a single thing plumb or square, but I like the challenge and it's still fun.

We're calling this room the den.

Looking from the den, through the huge kitchen, and into the dining room. Notice the wide flange beams where load bearing walls once stood.

Living room looking past the dining and kitchen and into the den on the left.

Master bedroom suite, sitting area on the right and bath/closet through the framing on the left.

New bar in the basement at the cost of storage, hard decision for the homeowner but I certainly think she'll be happier in the end.

Well mom, there you go, work pictures. If you make it back to town before the job is done I'll even give you a tour.


JMH said...

Very cool, I love this shit. What exactly is your job?

Sean said...

Project superintendent for a high end remodeling company. I'm really nothing more than a finish carpenter that's paid more than I'm worth. We're a LEED certified contractor, mostly green, and almost always modern.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guy! I hadn't checked out your blog for the past couple of weeks and just now saw the work pics. Very cool. Maybe by the time dad & I retire we'll be able to afford you. I found a house plan that I'd like to build for retirement someday. Kind of the best of what I like about our current house and our Spokane house. Smaller footprint than we have now, but keeps some of the same main floor features and an updated Craftsman stlye.
By the way, I liked the food photo too, not to mention the Huckleberries reference. Boy do I miss the Northwest. Great Whidby Island day, nothing better than the Washington coast when the sun shines.
Love ya,