Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just another lazy Saturday in Portland

Started out the day with a tour of the new Tim and Lucy residence..

It even has a view of the old one.

Dropped Michele at the Portland Art Museum and quickly got myself over to the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show with a quickness. The place was packed, making it hella hard to even get good pictures without throwing elbows, I did what I could without being too much of an asshole.

Got wood?

Arantix, still not impressed, 7 grand for a frame and another 5 for a build(add up the build and they're selling the parts over retail).

Blacksheep had some really pretty bikes, but what I'm interested in is the headset. Any knowledge out there?

Mmm, Ira's booth, still top of my list for a custom frame in a few years.

The man himself was getting mobbed, so I moved on.

Rohloff + belt drive = bad ass.

Interesting take on chain tension.

Did URT suddenly get cool again and I missed the memo?

I didn't get the joke until just a few minutes ago.

The show did not disappoint, after we delivered the 5-pack to Pat, hit Widmer, and even later we went out to dinner with Tim and Lucy.


Old Fat & Slow said...

So, on the belt drive bike, how do they break open the frame to get the belt on?

Sean said...

The bike is a Moots YBB softtail. It comes apart where the seat stays meet the shock. I didn't get a good pic of my favorite belt break, but someone else did.