Sunday, March 9, 2008

About damn time

I'm sorry Salsa, but your grips suck. I bought a set ~15 years ago and hated them, I quickly replaced them with something just as bad. I've been putting this off long enough, so today I finally got around to cutting off the offending grips and tossed them in the trash.

I've got a set of clear Ourys that have been sitting on the bench since last years Whiskey Off Road. I planned to put them on the El M. long before I had it, but what can I say, I'm a lazy shit. As of today the whole fleet runs Ourys.

Clear for El M.

Green for Michele's Jamis

Black lock-ons for The Bike Formerly Known as Unit

And regular old black ones on Michele's commuter.

Damn good grips if I do say so myself.


millhouse said...

Just curious what it is about the Salsa grips you don't like? I have those same grips on my new El Mar and have been contemplating something different. Seems like you like Ourys :).

Sean said...

They have zero cushion. Ourys are are nice and soft, plus they're slightly larger in diameter. I considered going to Ergons at one point but they just seem too large. When the GX-1s are actually available I like to wrap my hand around them and see how they feel.

Anonymous said...

Grips, schmips...okay off that cuz it's all about me, me, ME!!! ;)

Hey Sean, Jeff's been "Sticking it to the Man!" and riding his bike to work. He started using his Hardtail 29er but the 2.1 or 2.3 wheels SUCK on the road.

Sooooooooooo Last night we picked up a more commuter type/track bike. A Specialized Langster New York SS with a flip-flop rear hub that has a freewheel on one side and a fixie on the other. He used it on our 40 mile roadie ride last night and killed the hills. A bit spun out on the flats for the pace we were going, but still a blast and perfect for work. loves it...
su ling