Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back to St. Ed's

Michele and I went out to St. Ed's for a little ride. I think it was sometime around Thanksgiving the last time we rode on dirt together. She's actually got the weekend off for a change so that's nice. I loaded the singlespeed expecting the trails to be a little muddy, turned out to be quite dry and would have been a perfect opportunity to ride the El M. We tooled around together for a little while until I peeled off toward Big Finn Hill. I spent a little time exploring before heading back to find Michele waiting for me in the car. I rode around seven miles or so, not a lot but it was nice to spin the legs. I'm thinking I'll load the El M. in the morning on Tuesday and head back out there after work(if the weather's still nice, otherwise it'll be the SS again).

Also, my dad just got done with the ride I never got around to doing. Respectable time too, slow OFS or not.

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