Saturday, March 1, 2008

Finally, Ft. Ebey!

It's been quite a while since wheels have hit dirt, Christmas Eve to be exact. I've tooled around the hood some and circled the big hamster wheel but that hardly counts. So after dropping Michele off at the hospital I went home and loaded up for the trip North.

After a quick stop at the shop to do some actual work I headed to the ferry and onto Whidbey Island. Ft. Ebey is about halfway up the island and pretty easy to find. The trails are pretty nice right off the bat, very smooth and low tech, but some good climbing.

Bike du Jour

Bad ass view

If I go up it'll hurt, down and it'll hurt more later, I went down

More of that sweet singletrack

Look what I found back at the lot

I was a beautiful day and a fantastic ride, I'm looking forward to next time. I think I'll put it down as a maybe for future riding with Michele.


Old Fat & Slow said...

Dude! That first photo is like the Thomas Kinkaid of bike pics.

Sean said...


This is what I had in mind.

michele said...

sean does LOVE thomas kincaid. he is the master of light, you know.

Old Fat & Slow said...

He comes from a long line of cutesy "art" lovers.