Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Quick Weekend Getaway

Michele and I needed to get away from the city, if only for just the night. We loaded up early and headed toward Sequim. After a ferry ride and a short drive we found the Miller Peninsula trails and set out exploring.

My choice of wheels.

And my riding partner. Michele was not feeling in tip top shape, does it show?

Sweet, sweet, El Mariachi. The trail was a little muddy in places and the Weirwolf LTs again reared their ugly, not meant for mud head, but I pressed on in the face of adversity and ultimately persevered.

After a few miles Michele was no longer feeling it so we turned around. Notice the elusive smile as we return to the parking lot.

Post ride we checked into our craptastic hotel, took showers, and headed back out again. We killed the rest of the afternoon at Dungeness Spit. Michele found a nice place to sit.

And the place where the sidewalk ends.

Michele again, this time at a the overlook.

Having killed enough time we went to dinner at Cedar Creek Restaurant. I had a very well prepared piece of salmon and Michele had some truffle pasta. It made for a very good meal and I highly recommend it.

This morning we went to breakfast before busting ass back towards Seattle by way of Port Townsend and Whidbey Island.

Goodbye, Port Townsend.

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scout said...

hey, you. just finished an abr post and thought i'd check your site. thanks for the sweet welcome of the boy to the blogosphere...took me more than a minute to realize the baby was atticus. i was thinking to myself....who do they know that's just had a baby? anyhoo, john and i are planning our next vacation and it's going to be the 2nd week of june. will you guys be in seattle then? glad to see you got out of town for the weekend. e