Sunday, May 4, 2008

SST, Again.

Back to South SeaTac again today. The singletrack has been really nice the last two times I made the drive out and I was expecting something a little softer this time due to all the rain. Not so, nice and tacky, not at all slick.

It usually takes a few rides at a new location for Michele to start warming up to the trails, and SST is no different. Her main complaint right now is that we don't really go anywhere, all the trails just loop back on themselves. I totally understand where she's coming from. I really like it when a trail takes me somewhere, but there's also a place for a dense system like this one that brings trails into the city. She did like the airplanes coming in to land overhead at least so that's gotta count for something.

We made a couple of laps before packing it in and heading to The Center of the Universe for lunch. Turns out parking is easier than you might think on market day(if you're willing to pay for it).

We passed Stalin on the way to McMenamins.

Saw this on the walk back to the car, I love this thing, even though it is a VW. It says,"Unofficial Car, Artists Republic of Fremont".

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JMH said...

What's your beef with VW? Just curious.

Sean said...

Extremely questionable reliability, especially in the early years of water cooled.