Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Update

Well I'm just sitting on the couch watching the new BBQ season out on the deck and it seems like as good a time as any to go through the rundown of what's been happening.

Sometime in the middle of last week I finally decided to seek a professional opinion about my heel injury from last weekend. The PA, radiologist, and orthopedist all are in agreement, I broke my heel. It's a hairline fracture and there's nothing that can be done. I'm supposed to keep my weight off of it for ~3 weeks and use crutches, so far that's not really working out so well. Oh yeah, no bike riding.

Saturday, I spent the majority of my time working on or in the garage until it was time to head to the party at Paul and Sean's. It was kind of a coming out party for the house, which I was given way too much credit for. It was also a good chance to take some night pictures of the house, my lens is no where near fast enough for hand held night shots, but here they are none the less.

Yesterday was BBQ shopping day. Patrick, you would be so proud. You can come up and try it out when you come pick up your bike(it's ready, by the way). Later, Rach came by and we all went to dinner at the shittiest Mexican place I've ever known, Tacos Guaymas. And no, this was not my first visit to this consistently bad crap shack, I've been there at least four times previously. Rach really likes the patio seating, so that's where we went. I keep hoping that the food will have the tiniest bit of flavor and I keep getting totally let down. Seattle's not much for Mexican food and so far I've found a couple places that are decent and one that is exceptional. Not quite the same as what's available in the 'nix. Anyway, Michele and Rach walked and I rode down after(Yeah, I'm not supposed to ride, but zero pain on the bike so I'm fucking doing it).

U-lock in pocket.

The argument for big tires in the big city.

The stairs on the way home, good for riding down.

On the docket for today is some bike, maybe some canoe, and the breaking in of the BBQ. Good times.

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