Sunday, May 11, 2008

Playing Catch Up

So apparently someone is taking this whole race thing seriously. All this time I've been barely riding my bike at all. I tried to log some decent miles today in a last ditch effort not to get my ass handed to me by a man damn near twice my age. I rode the El Mariachi and headed South towards Colonnade bike park. The ride there gave me an opportunity to give some thought to the tires I'll be running next weekend. I've got a pair of 700x28s on the spare wheels ready to go, but today it occurred to me that the WWLT roll pretty well and they're in no danger of getting eaten by a storm drain. On the down side there's a bit of a difference in rotating mass and my fat ass can use any break I can get. Something to think about anyway, also I suspect that the secret checkpoint could have something to do with Colonnade, that'd be one more plus for the WWLTs.

Back to the ride, it's only about six miles to Colonnade from the house and downhill two thirds of the way, a neighborhood zigzag route minimizes climbing, yeah me.

The pump track is really fucking sweet, a lot of time went into this and it shows. Of course I need more pump track time to not suck so much. I wonder if 26" tires would help?

The wall rides are pretty impressive, not really my cup of tea, but I sure like to watch.

I really like the new carving, it complements the other one quite well.

So the question that I never get asked is,"What's the Seattle equivalent to In-N-Out?" Well, it's Dick's.

Yes, that's right, Dick's. Of Sir Mix-A-Lot's My Posse's On Broadway fame, although this is the 45th location. Not quite as good as In-N-Out, it'll certainly do in a pinch. The question is, was I there to hang out, play, or flaunt clout?

Hey look, hiring practices of a similar quality to those of In-N-Out.

Maybe I'll get out and ride even more this week, supposed to start getting really nice soon.

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Old Fat & Slow said...

"Someone's" been riding quite a bit in the preserve lately 'cause he don't wat to be sucking wind after the first 15 minutes. I believe it was Michele who laid down the gauntlet, not the old guy who's almost twice your age. Btw, I used to be twice your age, but you're catching up! It was 6 years ago, we'll the audience do the math.