Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Recap

So after laying low around the house for a bit on Saturday afternoon we loaded up bikes and did a little show and tell with dad at Colonnade. We rode around for about a half an hour, playing on the fairly simple stuff. Of course, that's the place where I'm bound to take a little damage. Coming around a switchback I came off my bike a little funny and went down on my heel. Must have done a little damage too, because I've been a bit hobbled since. Good thing I don't need my heel to ride a bike.

Played on the pump track again, a lot more work than it looks like, and yes a little better on a 26" bike, but that doesn't make me any better. I've got to get one of these, great total body workout.

Fast forward to this morning, a god damned le mans start, and me with a gimpy foot. At least we were in the first starting group, we made decent time up to REI too.

I was amazed by how well we were doing, there were lots of people out there on road bikes, in full lycra and dad and I on our knobbies were keeping pace ok. After REI was the first secret checkpoint further up on Capital Hill where we got a very cryptic clue for the next secret checkpoint, when we couldn't figure it out for the life of us someone gave us a location(the wrong location, of course we didn't find that out until it was way too late). Off to Recycled Cycles, thankfully it was downhill. Oh was it ever downhill, we were screaming down 23rd/24th at 40 mph(ten over the speed limit) and passing cars. Recycled Cycles was bicycle jousting, dad riding a BMX bike with me perched on the pegs attempting to snatch up a series of rings, we did ok.

Next stop, Greg's up at the hamster wheel for the keg walk. See dad keg walk.

Over to Ballard next, shaving distance in favor of elevation. Getting up to Phinney wasn't too bad thanks to the little bit of dirt that can be found in Woodland park. Of course, dropping 300 feet down the other side in 3/4s of a mile was very good. From there it was an easy roll into Ballard for a little paperboy fun at Bike Works. Dad got to hurl rolled up newspapers at me and I got to try and catch them. After that I figured we were home free, it's flat to Gasworks Park and then we just roll back into Fremont and done.

No so fast, somebody thought it would be a good idea to have human wheelbarrows be a part of this event. Easily the hardest part of the whole thing. My fat ass trying to support my upper body balanced or a little wheel and dad trying to haul the rest of me.

This guy had it easy with a kid as a partner.

Back to the center of the universe and home fucking free.

But wait, there's more. Two hot laps on big wheels. Pneumatic front and plastic rears made for nice drifty action. I've got to get one of these.

All done! I haven't seen official results yet but Michele estimates less than 20 teams ahead of us out of the ~100 entered. Not too shabby, I was certain that we were much further back.

Playtime. See that nice two wheel action.

Oh, it's beer-thirty! I'm sure glad Michele suggested bringing the chairs.

And there's Michele now!

Dad cleaned up in the raffle, scoring both a Rudy Project backpack/helmet bag and a women's size small Swobo jersey, I didn't get jackshit. However, I do still have this gimpy foot.

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