Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here's The Deal...

I've started five posts in the last ten days and just couldn't make it happen. I've got a few things to cover so I'm just going to throw it all out there without any rhyme or reason.

1. John and Eithne are coming to town tomorrow night, they'll be here for the weekend before they head up to the Vancouver B.C. area for the week and back here the following weekend until they fly back to Detroit. Michele and I are both really excited about seeing them and we're looking forward to some sort of touristy activity.

2. My heel is still fucked up. I've been trying to keep my weight off of it as much as possible, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn't. Some people are concerned that since I'm ignoring doctor's orders by not using crutches I may end up needing surgery. Meh, we will see. I'm going back for another x-ray next week, I'll report back post visit.

3. Michele's headed to Sequim for all of July and August. As of right now it sounds like she'll be staying in some "friendly to the program" doctor's condo right on the Dungeness Spit. I fully expect that this situation will kick serious ass and I'm looking forward to weekend visits. I'm especially excited about the prospect of going back to Lake Ozette for the first time since I was a boy and to find out if the hike lives up to my memory of it.

4. Wii Fit. Yeah, that's right we've now got a Wii Fit. I like it a lot except for the fact that there's a few things that I can't do with my heel in it's current state but soon I'll be back. Michele's got a longer list of complaints but I'd say even for her the pros outweigh the cons.

5. The 2 Mile Challenge, I found this via another blog and I find it quite interesting. In my two miles I count ten grocery stores, four QFCs, three Safeways, Greenwood Market, HT Oaktree Market, and Whole Foods. There's also two movie theaters and more restaurants than I can count. I'm not going to promise that I'll cut out all of my two mile trips but I'm going to start making a conscious effort to ride more for my short trips. Here's the map, not actually centered around the house- close enough to get the picture and far enough away to convince my wife that one of the four unsavory readers of this blog who doesn't already have our address won't break in and steal our cat.

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Well, I think that just about covers it.


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Old Fat & Slow said...

All of the unsavory readers of your blog are family. You know who we are and we know where you live. You can keep the cat.