Saturday, June 14, 2008

Technically Speaking

I went out to Soaring Eagle today, it's not Ed's or SST for a change yet still close enough to home to not feel too guilty about fuel. Got to save the big driving for days when I have more time available for riding.

It's been a couple of days since the last rain yet there was still plenty of mud on the trail making the El Mariachi a little more exciting than it needed to be at times. One of these days I'm going to pull the trigger on a Mountain King 2.4 for the rear, but today's not the day. Maybe when winter rolls around again. Anyway, the trail was pretty wildly overgrown in places and had lots of mud holes making it a slow ride, even by my standards.

The slow pace yet easy riding gave me an opportunity to analyze my riding style a little bit. There's some thing that struck me about the way I ride, as I've mentioned before I climb on my geared bike the same way I do on my single speed. That brings two things to mind right off, a higher climbing gear and the lunge. If you're not familiar with the lunge, it's a move that comes naturally on a single speed and everyone figures it out pretty quickly. I'm kind of getting off track a bit here, what I noticed today is a move that I've been doing for a while but never really paid attention to, when approaching uphill obstacles I pull a wheelie. It's strange that it never stood out to me before but it's a pretty cool move when I think about it. The best I can describe what I do is this, mid climb as I approach an obstacle(or 3) I pull my front wheel up and hold it ~3" of the ground and keep it there for about 4-5 feet and drop it back down once past whatever's in the way. I wonder if anybody else does this?

At the start of the ride, notice how I don't have any mud on my face.

Flowers out for all to see.

Terror Trail my ass. That's the problem with letting boy scouts name trails.

Ok, maybe this little guy might terrify some, but still, terror? Really?

Ahh, my lovely bicycle.

This is what happens to shitty ladder stunts, don't build shitty ladder stunts.

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