Sunday, June 15, 2008

To The Park!

John and Eithne came back to town last night, just in time for us to make it over to Paseo and actually get to eat this time too. Post meal we headed off in search of dessert. After much discussion the decision was made that we would go to Cactus in Madison Park. It's not exactly close by, but the best dessert we've had since getting to Seattle by far. It's turned out to be a no-go, why in the hell should there be a 30 minute table wait at 9:30 at night, it makes no sense(to me anyway). As we turned to leave somebody noticed a zipline in the park and it was on.

Good zipline, but certainly not a great zipline.

In addition to the zipline the park was also equipped with some fantastic ways to make a person sick. Here's Eithne showing how to get some speed up on this standy/spinny thing.

John getting things done on this sitty/spinny thing. Holy crap did this thing fuck me up. It may not look like much but neither Michele or I could stop ourselves once we started spinning and without help I'd still be there this morning.

There was also a crazy huggy/spinny thing that put me over the top. No pictures, thankfully.

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