Monday, July 14, 2008

High, King?

No no, I don't walk, run, or hike for fun. I ride my bike. Of course when I'm stuck on the peninsula with a bike I can't ride I've gotta do something to pass the time.

On Saturday Michele and I loaded up and drove out to Ozette for the only hike I really remember loving during my youth. It's a good ninety miles from Sequim(and I do mean a good ninety miles BTW). We didn't do the full nine mile loop, opting for the six mile out and back instead.

Michele on the boardwalk through the prairie.

Now Michele's doing her best to make good choices on behalf of a slug(notice the Camelback).

Me on the beach(notice the lack of a pack, Camelback in Seattle with the rest of my gear remember).

Thanks to my need for a post hike nap Michele got to enjoy the return drive. We finished out the day by checking out the food situation in Port Angeles and then hitting up the Working Girl Wines for a little vino.

Yesterday went went out for one more. Just a short little two miler to an overlook above the Elwah River. Here's Michele, striking a pose, I guess.

Ahh yes, a little hiking with my lovely wife, not too bad after all.

Note to self: Hiking may occur as a result of forgetting bike gear, never again forget bike gear.
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