Monday, July 28, 2008

Museum, x2

I've been wanting to make a visit to the Museum of Flight since we moved here and I finally convinced Michele to go. As a matter of fact she actually wanted to go.

She how she completely bogarted the SR-71 cockpit, can you see the disappointed look on that kids face? You know he's just thinking, 'Get the fuck out already'.

Aerocar, awesome.

No, that's not a SR-71, it's a M-21, and that's a D-21 drone mounted on it's back.

French made Spad XIII.

Very exciting stuff, no? With all the great things happening at the Museum of Flight who wouldn't have fun. What did Michele think?

Afterward we headed back downtown to the SAM. Happy hour at Taste(the museum cafe) is probably one of the better happy hours we've been to. Quality of food in relation to discount is quite good, especially when you factor in additional member discount.



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