Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Only I Can Screw Up My Ride

Yet again, I fucked up. Last week it was my helmet, today it was my Camelback. Not enough to keep me from riding but still enough to fuck with my chi. After picking up some water along the way I hit the trail in the usual way. Straight to the water right out of the gate as always. The way back up was a bit tough since I was on the Bike Formerly Known as Unit and it's the first decent ride on that bike in a while. About halfway up I started to think only about how thirsty I was and nothing else. I took a hit off my water back at the car and then started over to Finn Hill. Again, all I could think about was the water I didn't have. It really sucked all the fun out of my ride. I kept my ride to a short lollipop loop and headed straight back. Lesson for the day , don't forget shit.

On a different yet slightly related note I picked up a new back tire for the El Mariachi today. You, the reader, can now look forward to no longer listening to, or rather reading, me bitch about my ass end traction woes.

I'm not getting near enough cred out on the trail, this should help in letting the people know.

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