Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Busy Saturday

I got my spot on the Alaskan Way Viaduct walking tour Saturday morning. The last couple of times I tried to get in on the tour I didn't send in my request quickly enough. This time Michele got right on it and got the spot. Of course Michele couldn't go because she was on call in Renton so it was just me.

It wasn't much of a walking tour so much as a presentation about future plans for the 99 through downtown and the waterfront. It was pretty cool to stand there on the bridge deck and really get a good look at it, especially the damage caused by the Nisqually earthquake.

Not long after the tour my mom and grandmother showed up. They drove up from Portland for the day to pay my mom's cousin Cilla a visit. They made it to town a couple of hours before Cilla was available so we killed sometime at the Ivar's bar.

Later, back at the house grandma said she wanted a picture with the Laural collection that Michele and I had put together. It's kind of funny, I get a good number hits here at TYOTB thanks to the Laurel and I can only imagine what a disappointment it is landing here. Anyway, if any of those lovers of mid century modern pottery find this post, look close and you might just notice something you've never seen before. Need a hint? Middle shelf and the one below.

Did you figure it out?

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